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Moodle | Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a 'Virtual Learning Environment' (VLE).

Most SSRMP lecturers use Moodle to make teaching resources available before, during, and/or after classes, and to make announcements. You may also be asked to use Moodle to upload assignments, complete weekly quizzes, or take end-of-module tests.

SSRMP students must enrol onto Moodle pages in addition to registering for SSRMP modules via the UTBS.


Enrol on Moodle

Students are expected to self-enrol onto course Moodle pages, themselves, once they have a confirmed place on a module of their choice.

You can:


  1. Log in to Moodle, here
  2. Follow information on how to enrol for a Moodle course page, here.


Click on the appropriate link listed on the right-hand column. 


SSRMP course pages can be located at:
[Site Home] > [Staff and Student Training] > [Social Sciences Research Methods Centre (SSRMC)]