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Q.   I want to make a booking and I can't. Why?

The likely answer is that you are trying to make a booking before the SSRMC Induction has taken place.  Bookings usually open the day after induction has taken place. Please note: If you hope to take any SSRMC modules in the coming academic year, you must attend the induction. We very occasionally make allowances for students needing to attend other important inductions, or those who have childcare issues. Please contact the SSRMC Administrator to ask, if you need an exemption. 


 I want to make a booking on a module that has already started. Is this allowed?


We prefer students to book well in advance of their module starting in order to allow them time to do any preparatory reading and to enroll on Moodle.

We expect students to attend every session for a module that they have booked onto; joining a module after the first session has already taken place means that students don’t get the full benefit of the module, and it also may be disruptive to other students.

If you are convinced that attending part of a certain module will benefit your studies, you MUST email the SSRMC Administrator ( to request a booking as the UTBS prevents self-enrolment after the first session has started. In no circumstances should you attend a module without having received a booking confirmation.


Can I attend a module without making a booking?


No. Students attending any SSRMC module are required to book a place via the UTBS (accessed via the SSRMC website). 

Attending our modules without making a booking damages our capacity to plan and deliver the next year’s provision, and can have financial ramifications for Departments.


I don’t want to attend a module that I am booked onto. Can I cancel my booking?


If you are doing this before your module is due to start, you can find instructions on how to cancel bookings, here.

If the module has already started we will not be able to cancel your booking.
If you do not wish your Department to be charged for your place on a module, you must cancel your place 3 working days before it starts so that we have time to offer the place to another student. Our modules are highly subscribed, so every place matters!


I have taken the Skill Check but cannot seem to make a booking for Basic Statistics Stream (BSS) modules.


If you are attempting to make a booking during the period between the end of the Lent Term and the start of the Michaelmas Term (specifically prior to the SSRMC Induction, you will find that you cannot do so. This is for two reasons:

  • This time period is when the planning for the next academic year takes place, so scheduling may not have been finalized, yet;
  • All students wishing to take any SSRMC modules are required to attend the SSRMC Induction, prior to making any bookings.

If you have a different problem, please contact the SSRMC Administrator via

Q. I can't log in to the Moodle page for my module.

If you are trying to log into a module's Moodle page after the Lent Term has finished it may be that you no longer have access to this Moodle page, as all students. If this is the case, your course may have been archived - you will be able to access it from then on in the Course History section of Moodle, here.

If you are trying to gain access to a Moodle page early in the year (eg. October) please remember that your lecturer may still be uploading content onto the page. If you have any queries about the content hosted on the page, please contact the module lecturer.

You can contact the for any other issues (especially if you think they might be technical in nature).

Q. How can I check whether my bookings have been confirmed?

You can check the status of your bookings for all your courses booked via the University Training Bookings System by:

  1. Visiting;
  2. Entering your CRSid into the person 'Search' bar, and clicking 'Search';
  3. On the page that comes up, clicking on your name;
  4. Clicking on the 'Bookings' tab. This shows you all the courses you have registered for, and their status. If it says 'Booked' under their status, it means you have a place and can attend the module. 

    Clicking on the 'Training history' tab shows you all the past modules for which you made a booking, cancelled a booking, etc. 

Q. I can't log into the Titan Room computers (or any other MCS [Managed Cluster Service] machines)... 

Most Cambridge students are set up to use the MCS machines automatically when they join the University, and can login using their Raven ID. 

However, we have noticed that students in the School of Clinical Medicine, are those who most often have issues logging in with these machines. If you are one of these students, you will need to contact your department's IT personnel to confirm that you can log in to MCS machines, and if this is not possible, to arrange it.

Please note that this check should be made prior to the module starting:


We are perpetually updating our FAQ page. If you have a question that you think should be added to it, .

An interdisciplinary programme providing research methods training to University of Cambridge staff and postgraduate students at MPhil and PhD level. Our courses cover qualitative, and quantitative research methods, from basic training to advanced statistical analysis.​

  • Basic Statistics
  • Specialist Statistics
  • Introductions to Statistical Software Packages
  • Elements of Social Science Research

A selection of our courses are also available to external participants.

We would like to remind you of the support and care around wellbeing that you can find within the University during this difficult time when we are all required to distance ourselves socially. Your supervisor and Department are your primary source for duty of care but there are many other services and websites that can be of help too. In particular, the University's Student Wellbeing website is extremely helpful.

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