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Induction Lecture - Watch online

Before you can enrol on any SSRMP module you must first watch the Induction lecture

This explains the functions of SSRMP, the resources offered, and the process of enrolment. It is therefore important that you watch this video before attempting to enrol of any courses.

The induction lecture explains how the SSRMP works, more about the modules we offer, and everything you need to know about making a booking.

The induction usually takes place at the beginning of term. This year, due to the pandemic, Dr Mark Ramsden, our director, has pre-recorded a lecture that you can watch, below.

NB. Watching this lecture is compulsory for all University of Cambridge students intending to take any module offered by the SSRMP in the academic year.


If, for whatever reason, you cannot access the induction lecture, the slides can be access, here.


An interdisciplinary programme providing research methods training to University of Cambridge staff and postgraduate students at MPhil and PhD level. Our courses cover qualitative, and quantitative research methods, from basic training to advanced statistical analysis.​

  • Basic Statistics
  • Specialist Statistics
  • Introductions to Statistical Software Packages
  • Elements of Social Science Research

A selection of our courses are also available to external participants.

We would like to remind you of the support and care around wellbeing that you can find within the University during this difficult time when we are all required to distance ourselves socially. Your supervisor and Department are your primary source for duty of care but there are many other services and websites that can be of help too. In particular, the University's Student Wellbeing website is extremely helpful.

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