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Basic Statistics Stream

How the Basic Statistics Stream (BSS) works...

Our Basic Statistics modules are designed as a stream, increasing in difficulty:

Foundations in Applied Statistics (FiAS)

Basic Quantitative Analysis (BQA)

3.pngDoing Multivariate Analysis (DMA)

Further Topics in Multivariate Analysis (FTMA)

Because of this, there is a special booking procedure for these modules.

All students wishing to take BSS modules must:

  • EITHER have taken the Skill Check
  • OR have taken (and passed) the end-of-module assessment for the previous module in the Stream.
    (We strongly recommend that students take the assessment since a pass mark is fundamentally important for a large proportion of Tier 1 Departments.)

In September, emails are sent to MPhil students in Tier 1 Departments asking them to complete the Skill Check. Results of the Skill Check are sent directly to students so that they can discuss them with their supervisors, and decide together which modules should be taken, based on the results recommendation, and their individual degree requirements. These results are also sent to priority students' Departments. If you are unsure which modules you should be taking, please speak to your supervisor and/or contact your Department's Graduate Administrator for help. Tier 1 students are then expected to make their Basic Statistics Stream bookings early on in the Michaelmas Term, after the Induction Lecture has taken place. 

NB. Students should request bookings for ALL the modules in the Basic Statistics series (FiAS, BQA, DMA, FTMA) that they wish to attend, at the same time, on the same form. 

The Booking Form and the button below has now been switched off until the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year. Bookings will open after the SSRMC Induction on 3 October 2018. 

Request a booking