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Module Preparation

Essential preparation for your first session

 1. Be absolutely sure that you have booked a place

If you haven't yet booked, read our booking instructions and make your bookings, here. Once your booking has been made you will receive an automated email confirming this. If you make Basic Statistics Stream module booking at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term please don't worry if the confirmation isn't immediate; our administrator has to process each booking individually, so it takes a little time.

2. Make sure you have your login details

If you are attending a module in the Titan Teaching Rooms, or another Managed Cluster Service (MCS) room with workstations, you'll need your Cambridge University username and a password.

Cambridge Students and Staff 
This will be your Raven password (for students who first enrolled before February 2014) or your combined UIS password (for students who enrolled in or after February 2014).

If you don't have a password please speak with your College or contact the Computing Service Helpdesk. You can find more information about IT services for students, here.

Please note, that students from the School of Clinical Medicine will likely need to talk to their Departmental IT personnel in order to confirm that they have access to Managed Cluster Service (MCS)  machines, well in advance of modules commencing. 


External Participants
You will be emailed a guest login for the Titan Room computers before your module commences. If you have not received this by the day before your module takes place, please contact


3. Ensure that you know where you are going

Please familiarise yourself with the location of the lecture room, and ensure that you turn up a few minutes early for your module; turning up late is disruptive to other students, and disrespectful to the lecturer. All the teaching rooms we use are marked and searchable on the University map.

4. Enrol on your module's Moodle page - this is essential!

Cambridge Students and Staff - In addition to booking for modules via UTBS students must also enrol on the course Moodle page in order to access the learning materials for the module. Brief instructions, plus a pointer to the University's Moodle pages, are available here.

External Participants will be enrolled onto the appropriate Moodle module page, as guests, by the SSRMP. If you have not received a welcome email by the day before your module takes place, please contact


5. Do the reading

Consult the module description on UTBS (and Moodle) and do any reading which is recommended before the first session. As with any academic endeavour, the more you put in, the more you will get out. 


Header Image credit: Samsofy